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EV Realty accelerates the adoption of commercial EV fleets by focusing on the fundamental constraint all electrified fleets will face: low-cost, reliable and scalable access to grid-scale power.

Today’s electrical grid is complex, dynamic and ever evolving. It is also the source of fuel that will power the world’s shift to electrified transportation, requiring nearly 100 GWh of additional annual electricity demand and $125B of investment in EV chargers, grid infrastructure, transmission lines, renewable energy and storage in the U.S. by 2030.

But securing grid access and capacity to deploy significant additional EV charging load is a challenge, with desired charging locations often requiring lengthy, expensive and under-utilized infrastructure upgrades, if feasible at all.

Unless you know where – and how – to look.

EV Realty combines commercial real estate and project siting acumen with energy markets and grid optimization expertise to identify, design and build out the premier DC Fast Charging infrastructure platform for commercial EV fleets.

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Powered Properties

Our proprietary siting and grid-optimization approach yields multi-MW fast-charge hubs optimized around last mile delivery, service and vocational fleet use cases, providing a network of high-utilization, aggregated fleet properties in advantaged, future-proof locations – on the grid as well as proximate to major logistics corridors and commerce centers.  EV Realty’s portfolio offers multiple futures as optimized electrified real estate.

Last Mile Focus

E-commerce and to-home services growth continues to accelerate, and leading companies with over $1 trillion in combined revenue have committed to 100% zero-emissions vehicles by 2035, creating an order backlog of over one million light and medium-duty commercial vehicles for near-term deployment. Last mile fleets offer near-term scale as well as route and charging predictability, often in common across multiple fleets and customers. And they operate near population centers where grid access – and optimized logistics operations – are both vital and challenging to secure.

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Utility Infrastructure
and Relationships

We are proven infrastructure development veterans who have built and led industry-leading teams and have executed on GWs of solar, wind and energy storage projects across the U.S., working closely with leading utilities, regulators and regional grid operators. We know what it takes to deploy infrastructure profitably and at scale into emerging industries.

Scales with Market Growth, Vehicle Use Case and Energy Demand

Our proprietary development and customer approach translates across multiple geographic and energy markets, and scales with load demands of heavy-duty vehicles and overland transport use cases, as well as co-optimized onsite generation and energy market participation.

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