the last mile

EV Realty develops, deploys and owns grid-scale charging infrastructure critical to electrifying last-mile delivery and service fleets in the U.S.

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our approach

Future-proof charging infrastructure solutions for large EV fleets

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Optimal Grid Integration

Electric fleets require a lot of power.  Reliable electrical capacity is already a scarce resource on strained electrical grids.  Unless you know where to look.

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Optimal Customer Logistics

Our charging depots power multiple fleets in places that make sense.  Reliably, efficiently and at lower cost.

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Powered Properties

Our projects are responsibly sited, offer multiple future uses in an electrified world and reduce air pollution in communities most affected by commercial logistics and vehicle flow.

about ev realty

EV Realty is uniquely positioned to be the next-generation charging infrastructure solution for large EV fleets.

We develop, deploy and own grid-optimized, strategic properties of high value that power an electrified delivery, logistics and e-commerce world.

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